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Organising your hearing assessment couldn't be easier and is a painless process.


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1) After I meet and welcome the client to the North West Hearing Clinic, I'll listen to he or she telling me of their hearing difficulties.


2) Video Otoscopy is then carried out. This is were I show the client their outer ear (as far as the eardrum)on a big screen, which is a terrific tool for explaining any abnormality in this part of the ear.

Examples include: an infection, a perforation to the eardrum, excess earwax, exzemia or any unusual skin condition. Most clients find this very helpful towards the understanding of their problem if it's in the outer ear area.


3) If excess wax is discovered, I will then extract or irrigate prior to the hearing assessment itself. If an infection is discovered I will not carry out a hearing test but will refer to the client's G.P. or ENT consultant for further treatment.


4) We have a sound proof booth in both our shops located in Letterkenny & Sligo. The client is seated in this booth and wears a pair of headphones in which I play a sequence of pure tones in both ears separately.  The client has to respond by pressing a button every time a tone is heard. Its quite a straight-forward test but requires constant concentration from the client and the final result is an accurate account of the client's hearing on that day.


5) When the hearing test is completed the results are explained carefully to the client and the various course of actions are explained. Perhaps they need to be referred to an ENT consultant for further treatment. Perhaps hearing aids are required or perhaps the advice is to do nothing.  Every case is different and has to be treated appropriately.


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