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Strong enough to protect, subtle enough to engage

The PRO-10 offers highly delicate and level attenuation averaging 10dB, giving the most subtle protection in the whole of the PRO range. Ideal for vocal and acoustic performers, the PRO is perfect for environments that are only just edging over safe levels. Offering a natural and transparent sound to the wearer, the PRO-10 allows musicians working with intricate acoustic performances to stay within the safe limits of exposure while keeping completely engaged with the performance filling the gap between no protection and over protection.

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Pro 10

ACS PRO 20 Top21

The PRO-10 allows musicians to work with intricate acoustic performances and to stay within the limits of exposure.

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Pro 15

ACS PRO 20 Top21The PRO-15 by ACS provides more subtle attenuation that’s perfect for use in acoustic environments. Offering protection where you need it.

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Pro 17

ACS PRO 20 Top21The PRO-17 is designed specifically for musicians and vocal performers, it gives one of the most accurate responses of any hearing protector.

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Pro 20

ACS PRO 20 Top21The PRO-20 filter provides attenuation specifically designed for high noise situations where there is an emphasis on higher pitch frequencies.

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Pro 26

ACS PRO 20 Top21The PRO 26 is the strongest earplugs, giving protection from the most challenging sound environments whilst ensuring you can hear clearly and perform at your best.

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Pro 27

ACS PRO 20 Top21

The PRO-27 gives exceptional attenuation in dangerously loud high frequency environments. Popular with sound engineers, event staff and seriously loud amplified musicians.

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