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T1 Triple Driver Monitor

tripledrivermonitorThe T1 incorporates the same integral cross over board and proprietary replaceable cable system used in the T1 Live! Replacing the T1 classic, the ACS T1 delivers a sound signature that cannot be experienced from any other IEM...

Adding a touch of refinement

The T1 utilises the same three incredible drivers as its predecessor offering the largest bass driver in our range alongside mid-range and treble drivers so clear and rich that you can pick out every nuance of your music. The integrated crossover means our engineers have been able to push this combination even further giving you even more detail whilst retaining all of the body and breadth that you expect resulting in perfect balance and unparalleled depth whatever it is that you’re listening to.

The same accommodating approach

The new T1 is manufactured from soft medical grade silicone giving you a fit like no other earpiece. We use the softest material in the industry to give you unparalleled isolation in the most demanding environments with a consistent seal at all times and, because your earpiece can flex with your ear as you move or sing, your monitors stay comfortable without fatigue or irritation.

So much thought into such a small object.

Our earpieces are flush and discreet in the ear, we don’t just throw more drivers into the mix in the hope that it will make the monitors sound better, particularly if that means delivering ear shattering volumes. We pay attention to every aspect of the T1, from the 3.5mm plug right to your eardrum to make sure it’s performing as it should and we don’t do as others do if we don’t believe it is right. Based on our proprietary cable design, the new T1 offers cables featuring one of the smallest and most resilient connections around.

All in the detail

It's the finishing touches that make every one of our hand-made monitors completely unique from a choice of cable colours to a selection of bespoke silicone finishes. Every monitor can be laser etched with lettering of your choice and is supplied in a customised Paly Case3rugged case to ensure your monitors are protected wherever you might travel.  

The home of audio innovaton

In choosing ACS you’re choosing a refreshingly different approach to innovation. With a dedication to leading rather than following the field, ACS has set the bar for second generation silicone in-ear monitor design leaving others replicating our first generation breakthroughs.

SRP €805

 *Please check pricing with your dealer when booking your appointment.

 This product does not feature built-in flat response microphones.