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In Ear Monitors

In-Ear Monitors

We love music and want to share our passion with others. All of our in ear monitors are hand crafted from medical grade silicone to give the user maximum comfort and the components are specifically chosen to ensure a listening experience like you wouldn't believe. 

Whether you perform professionally on stage or listen in the comfort of your own home we make it our mission to ensure that listeners hear absolute fidelity of the sound and don't have to crank it up to damaging volumes. The silicone warms up to body temperature so after a while of use it begins to feel like part of your ear and the rich tones feel like they are coming from the air. 

When we create our in ear monitor range we don't just add another driver and call it ground breaking. We look at the build, the wiring, the crossover, the components, the cable, the plug, the joints, the finish and even the case we send them in so that every aspect of our product is delivering what we want it to.

In Ear Monitors


   T Series In Ear Monitors

Used by many top musicians in the UK & Ireland. The T series began with the single driver T3 and has since introduced a dual and triple driver version.

T1 Triple Driver Monitor

tripledrivermonitorThe T1 incorporates the same integral cross over board and proprietary replaceable cable system used in the T1 Live! Replacing the T1 classic, the ACS T1 delivers a sound signature that cannot be experienced from any other IEM...

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T2 Dual Driver Monitor

DualDriverRepresenting a new standard in dual driver in-ear monitoring. With the introduction of a new integrated crossover and a proprietary replaceable cable system...

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T3 Single Driver Monitor

T3SingleDriver255x145The T3 is the smallest and most discreet in-ear monitor in the range and uses the most accurate driver ever developed. A perfect lightweight solution with enormous range and stunning clarity...

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