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Case Studies

We see hundreds of Clients each year learning about and from each one:


Middle Ear issues

- Michael 50 was not hearing noises clearly or distinctly and could not distinguish voices in a crowded space. He needed a digital hearing aid when in such an environment. Now he has one and uses his iPhone to control the settings!


- Mary Age 57 had trouble watching television because of competing noises and needed to have hearing aids when doing so.

Ear Wax build up

- Tom is 57 years of age and has trouble with conversations, but it was easy to resolve when we removed his ear wax. It took 15 minutes.

Unsuitable hearing aids or simply need batteries

- Frank 62 had unsuitable Analogue Hearing Aids which are less expensive than Digital Hearing Aids, but may not suit everyone. 
Analogue hearing aids do work, but sometimes you need a digital hearing aid to distinguish between sound and voice.


Some people need more help or training

- Janet 71 had problems making her hearing aids work. She just needed some training, some patience and some written note or instruction.
Some people do not need a Hearing Aid at all and it is easy to find out - get a Free hearing test with us to help you get peace of mind.