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  • Thomas Mahon

    Thomas Mahon

    Author Iris Wasson

    Thomas Mahon a native of Ballymote, Co.Sligo was fitted with his new Moxi Fit hearings aids. He says his new hearing aids have "given me a whole new lease of life". "I'd have no quality of life without my hearing aids". "They are just brilliant.

     Thomas is one of the may customers benefiting from this new technology, offered at both Sligo Hearing Aid Centre and North West Hearing Clinic.

  • Caroline Whoriskey

    Author Padraig MacGinty

    'As a 49 year old woman, with long term hearing loss, I am so grateful to be in the land of hearing again after years of struggling in all situations to hear anything. Being able to hear (in any situation) has been life changing! I cannot thank Padraig and Iris of North West Hearing + Mobility enough for giving me my life back anew. My only issue is that I did not do it sooner, years spent struggling and avoiding social situations, were years wasted. But not any more. A huge thank you for such a wonderful, personal service'

  • Gloria Darlington

    Author Padraig MacGinty

    "If you choose Sligo Hearing Aid Centre, you get more than a hearing aid.  Padraig is an excellent audiologist and treats you with kindness and understanding.  He listens to your concerns and frustrations with hearing loss, then he does something about it.  He works with you to return your hearing to the best level possible. To me, there just isn’t anyone better than Padraig."

Ear wax removal Letterkenny, DonegalOur highly trained Donegal & Sligo audiologists have years of experience of ear wax removal.
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Invisible Hearing Aids Letterkenny and DonegalOur selection of Digital Hearing Aids Letterkenny & Sligo, includes Unitron's Flex:Trial. Try before you Buy!
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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids - what are they ?

Hearing aids cannot completely fix hearing loss, they help people enjoy a better quality of life. Hearing aids can come in a huge range of sizes, styles and designs. The technology used is constantly being improved to provide superior and more natural sound. Above all, most can take into consideration people’s individual hearing loss and adapt to it. 

What can I expect from my hearing aids?

It takes time to fully achieve the benefits of using hearing aids. When you have gotten used to to wearing hearing aids, you should expect:

  • Hearing in quiet places should be better.
  • Hearing with moderate noise in the background should be better.
  • Hearing in noise will not be as good as hearing in quiet environments
  • Hearing with loud noise should be no worse than without hearing aids
  • Soft speech should be audible, conversational speech should be comfortable and loud speech not uncomfortable
  • No feedback should occur if hearing aids are positioned correctly.


Hearing Aids - the facts

If you have a hearing impairment you may be able to wear a hearing aid. A hearing aid does not cure a hearing impairment, but increases the volume of sound entering your ear so that you can hear better.

What is a Hearing Aid?
A hearing aid is an electronic device made up of a microphone, an amplifier, a loud speaker and a battery. Modern hearing aids are very small and discreet and can be worn inside the ear. The microphone picks up sound, which is made louder by the amplifier. Hearing aids are fitted with devices that can distinguish between background noise (such as traffic) and foreground noise (such as conversation).
If you need a hearing aid, an audiologist will take an impression of your ear so that the hearing aid can be fitted perfectly. Your hearing aid will be adjusted to suit your level of hearing impairment, and you will be shown how to use and care for your hearing aid.

The different types of hearing aids available are:

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing instruments fit deeply inside your ear canal, making them almost invisible. They are cosmetically appealing. CICs are suitable for mild to moderate severe hearing losses.
In-the-canal (ITC) hearing instruments fit almost entirely inside your ear canal, making them very discreet. They have additional room to accommodate options that may not fit on a CIC. ITCs are more suitable for mild to moderate severe hearing losses.
In-the-ear (ITE) hearing instruments fit securely in your outer ear, ensuring optimum performance and comfort. They provide sufficient space for extra options such as directional microphones or tele-coil switches for use with a telephone. ITEs are suitable for mild to severe hearing losses.
Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing instruments sit comfortably behind your ear. Amplified sounds pass through a tube to an ear mould that fits securely in your outer ear. BTEs are most adaptable to your changing listening needs. They offer longer battery life and most are compatible with assistive listening devices. BTEs are suitable for mild to profound hearing losses.

Things to Consider - we conduct a number of painless tests and ask questions to help determine which is the best choice of hearing instrument for you including:
• Degree of hearing loss: not all shell styles and technologies are appropriate for all hearing losses.
• Ear anatomy: some ear canals are very small, making it almost impossible to fit a CIC aid correctly.
• Lifestyle: your different listening environments will help dictate the best hearing instrument to meet those needs.
• Manual dexterity: ITCs and CICs are easy to insert, but require steady hands.
• Cosmetic preferences: there is a wide range of styles, colours and sizes from which to choose.
• Budget: hearing devices are available in a wide range of prices with a model for every budget.
Independence Guarantee - We do not do just any one Brand, so unlike other suppliers we offer you what suits you best from whichever supplier is best for you personally. Possibly replace with Unitron, Phonak, Starkey, Audina or GN Resound possibly another.
New Personal Loop System available Call in store for a viewing today.
We offer a complete range of products and services for patients of all ages and all levels of hearing loss difficulties.
State of the art technology coupled with expert diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation and a patient centred ethos we are committed to standards of excellence in patient care, competitive pricing, free hearing tests and a reliable and free after care service.

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